Are you wondering how to install your new U-Disc from The Unlaub Company? Worry no more! Here are full instructions for installation so your U-Disc will be up and running as soon as possible.



The spacer center assembly/disc packs are factory-assembled to specific torque values. Breaking of nuts/bolts voids all warranties.

The U-Disc coupling (see Figure 1) consists of: two hubs (Items 1 & 2), one spacer center assembly (Item 3), and one accessory kit (Item 4).

  1. LOCK OUT/TAG OUT equipment.
  2. Inspect all components to confirm no damage occurred during shipment.
  3. Confirm your equipment shaft size is within tolerance.
  4. Ensure proper shaft alignment and hub spacing (see Figure 2 & 3).
  5. Secure hubs to shafts with set screws. (see Table 2 for torque values).

6. Install 3 equally spaced center member compression bolts on each side of the center member. Tighten these bolts 1/2 turn at a time to compress the center member just enough to allow center member to fit between the hubs.

7. Place the center member between hubs. Install at least 3 mounting bolts in each hub to hold the center member in place. Do not torque bolts. See red bolts in Figure 4.

8. Remove the center member compression bolts 1/2 turn at a time. See blue bolts in Figure 5.

9. Install remaining mounting bolts and check alignment.

10. Progressively tighten mounting bolts to specified torque values shown in Table 1.

Center Member Removal

  1. Loosen hub mounting bolts (see red bolts in Figure 4).
  2. Compress the disc packs using the compression screws (see blue bolts in Figure 5).
  3. Remove the spacer center assembly.
  4. Dismount the hubs (see Figure 1, Items 1 and 2).